Busy, fun filled weekend ’round these parts.
We started out with HeroBoy’s VERY first soccer game, first organized sport of his life, which King Pen’s parents came down for. (Thank you, my inlaws! It was so nice to share that with you!) He made a goal, and he was so proud, he could have busted. They tied the game, and everybody was happy!
The Duke, for some crazy-but-very-Duke-like reason, decided to play dead in front of me during the game. Bid for attention, I’m assuming. He’s very good at possum, I have to admit.
After the game, we hung out outside while King Pen tilled the community tomato patch. Czarina found two toads in a hole, all cozy and cute. So, out comes the camera.
We visited with our lovely neighbors, and the kids all played together. Chipmunk caught a ride in Clara’s jeep. She zoomed all over with him, and he loved it.
And after church today, there was a safety day at the park, with all kinds of kid’s activities and whatnot. Czarina made an enormous hat from what looked like a giant coffee filter. All true Southern ladies should have at least one sun hat.
I could have taken more pictures, probably better ones at that, but I just wanted to enjoy being in the weekend. It was relaxing and beautiful, full of family, friends, and sunshine. Couldn’t have asked for a better one!
All for tonight, hope you all enjoyed yours as well.