A memory I want to keep: Chipmunk’s head bowed in our mealtime prayer, God is Great. He only knows the one word “Amen,” and he says it over and over, until it fits just right at the end.
“Amen, amen, amen, amen, amen, AMEN!!”
Love that. Sometimes I feel that way myself. I don’t understand a lot. There are people around me saying all the words, and I only know a few. I say my simple part over and over to God, waiting for it to fit.
I hope and trust that I won’t always be there. Just as my son learns, I hope that I will, too. But even as I pray now, as I repeat my childish words to my Father, I know that He hears and understands them. He knows what I’m asking, what I need, even though my words are insufficient.
We pray because we are commanded to, not because we grasp the full nature of what we are doing. We pray first out of obedience, and by the grace of God, we learn to pray with understanding. It’s a process that never ends, as we seek better ways, better words to give to God. As our comprehension grows, as we learn the meaning of forgiveness, repentance, humility– as these words come into focus for us, we can begin to understand just what it is that we are asking for, what we’re thanking Him for. Our prayers begin to make sense in new ways. Our many “amens” become rich prayers, full-bodied, and aromatic before the Lord. God delights in ALL the prayers of His people, though– no matter how eloquent they may be. I appreciate that reminder in Chipmunk’s first prayers.
Anyway, just a few thoughts for the day. My coffee’s long cold, and the day waits for no woman. Hopping to it!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.