Tiny tendrils– so delicately curled around a stem… aren’t they beautiful? That green is vibrant and young and perfect. Can a color be young? I think it must, for surely that is the newest, freshest green I have seen in a long time.
It probably goes without saying, (what with all my recent picture posts) but I have been seeing life through my camera for the last week.
I have poured myself into it, I have been liberal with my attention to this one thing during all my spare moments. Blogging, writing, sewing, guitar practice… all have taken a back seat to what I can only explain as full blown puppy love. I voraciously read technical explanations, most of which still evade me completely. I browse Flickr, and photo journals, gleaning what I can, marveling at the talent out there. I fall asleep at night thinking about apertures and shudder speeds and white balances. I don’t get it all, but I do know, I love taking a good picture.
It’s instant gratification, a creative high. There are no lengthy compositions to edit, no painful chord positions to learn, no patterns to cut, hems to sew. I look, I snap, and it’s there. Something beautiful. Something that says something. I can take a picture and just hold it up, and without any words on my part, I can say, “this is how I feel today,” or, “don’t you love this about life?” It’s so utterly expressive. It’s so what I need right now.
I am sure I’ll get over the honeymoon phase of it all, I’m sure it will become just one of the many things I do enjoy. I don’t think it will replace all my other interests.
But isn’t this the great part? When you’re falling in love with something? I love being in love. I love that I can’t wait to get my camera back in my hands, that I’m thinking of the places I can go with it, that I want to know everything I can about it.
So, if I don’t write as much lately, you know why. I’m just loving this new thing. I love the product, the picture… but I love the process, too. Being outside. Searching, watching, waiting. Seeing, capturing.
And all for the very best reason– so that I don’t forget. I don’t forget them, who they are right this very moment, and so that I don’t forget Him, whose Hand is evident in the curl of the tiniest tendrils of the vine.
No matter where my camera is pointed, those are the things I see.