A full Saturday draws to a close. HeroBoy’s first soccer game was rained out, but we still did the team pictures today. After that, a trip to Wal-Mart, early enough in the day to avoid the Saturday crowd, and back home again to clean and cook. Neighbors joined us for a dinner of grilled tilapia, wild rice, and sugar snap peas. Coffee and lemon bars to top off the evening. Kids played, adults talked, everybody laughed and enjoyed themselves.
Now, red beans and rice simmers in the crockpot for tomorrow, my house is spectacularly clean, and I am plum tuckered out.
It was a very, very good day. A day at home, a day of labor, a day things got done that needed doing. But also… a night to enjoy the fruits of my effort, a night with friends and food and lovely candles burning on the mantel.
And the best part, oh the best part, is my soft bed that waits at the end of it all. Eight hundred thread count, 100% Egyptian cotton sheets, the biggest personal indulgence of my life, just waiting for little old me.
Have a blessed Sunday, friends. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.