So, many miles later, I am home once more. Back to life, back to things I love (my babes), and things I don’t (stomach viruses). Czarina and HeroBoy took a hit, but so far the Duke and Chipmunk stand firm. Cross those fingers, dears! They are the ones who can’t aim for the spit-up bucket. Yech.
We do hit the ground running, don’t we? Back from vacation, and into the throes. It isn’t all that bad, though. We’ve had worse. Coming off such a great weekend has refreshed me quite a bit, and I’m still riding the high of it. We had a wonderful time. I figured it up, and we haven’t done a weekend like this in nine years. A weekend with just us three girls and my mom. No kids, no holiday stuff, nothing. Just us.
We laughed, a lot. We shopped, a lot. We wrapped cords of kith and kin tightly around us- reliving memories, sharing thoughts of the future, but mostly, just soaking in the here and now.
This weekend was a gift to us by our husbands and families and children. I will cherish it as one of my most favorite. I will save it, savor it, and remember for all time who we were in these days of our lives. Thank you, dear Mrs. Sue and King Pen- for giving me the freedom to be just a daughter and a sister for a little while. I cannot express the good it did my soul. You gave me a picture of spring to keep, to gaze on, when I am in the winter of my life.
I forget, you know, being so wrapped up in my children growing and becoming little people, that they are not the only ones growing and changing in my life. My mom, my sisters, me even. We’re all on a track, we’re moving at different points, but all in the same direction. I want to memorize what they look like right now. Because, it is beauty— beauty growing right in front of me.
Thank you, God, for these women in my life. Thank you for letting them be mine.
Enough for now, before I wax too sentimental. I will write a more detailed account of our trip later, but for the moment, I just want to enjoy the afterglow.