I want you to have a good day today. So, let’s start it off with a couple Chuck Norris jokes.
When the Boogie Man goes to sleep every night, he checks under his bed for Chuck Norris.
If you spell “Chuck Norris” in Scrabble, you win. Forever.
Chuck Norris’s tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.
Chuck Norris isn’t funny. Stop laughing.
There we go, that was a good start! And so next, my secret. This one is for the ladies. I am going to share a beauty tip that has transformed my skin, and I am NOT exaggerating. It’s actually my aunt‘s secret, and I wrangled it out of her. She has perfect skin, amazing, soft, dewy, translucent skin. It’s a very compelling sales pitch for the product she uses. It’s called Enfuselle, by Shaklee. It’s kind of expensive, but I wanted to try it for myself, so I splurged. I’m using the A.M. Repair, and let me tell you, the results are incredible!! I have NEVER used anything before that has made such a huge difference. It wasn’t even like I had bad skin, I’m not prone to blemishes or too obvious wrinkles. But, once I started using it, I realized how KICKING my skin could be. It’s, dare I say it, actually pretty beautiful these days? My skin looks vibrant, healthy, and it’s nearly effortless on my part. (Feel free to comment upon it next time you see me, so I’ll know it’s money well spent. Ha.)
Oh, you insist on evidence, huh? Okay.
See? I’m smiley and happy, and I have devious eyebrows. Can’t get more proof than that! (Honestly, excuse the slightly crazy expression. I’m normally much more serene. And in no way sarcastic.)
Anyway, that’s my secret. If you want to try the Enfuselle, please contact my aunt. She sells it, but that is NOT what this is about, I promise. I’m not trying to drum her up some business. This is just girl to girl, sharing something that really works. I am seldom so impressed with a product that I actually have to write about it, but this definitely needs passing along. You won’t regret it.
Mkay, friends. We have story time at the library today, and a used homeschool book sale, and Girl Scout meeting, AND a mom’s night out tonight. So, I gotta move my tush. Hope you all have a good day, and I’ll check in with ya later.
Oh… before I go. If you use a product of any kind that you really believe in, truly endorse with all your heart, post it!!! I’d love to hear what you’re using that really works.