Thank you for all your encouraging comments yesterday. I took them in like a dry plant, and it helped. Today will be better, I so declare. Having the doldrums is tiresome. I’m ready to lose the blues, my friends. How can I do that, you ask? Well, this beauty should help a little:
I found her at a flea market for $30. She was tucked away in a corner between some t.v. trays and VHS tapes nobody will ever buy. She’s a no frills kind of girl, a simple acoustic guitar, but she called me by name, so I brought her home.
A beginner’s lesson book and four pink picks later, my fingertips are on fire. Yow. I can play nothing interesting yet, and I can’t understand how anybody can move their fingers to these chord positions, but I’m loving every second of it. I will perservere. ‘Cause, if you can’t cure the blues, well, at least you can play them.
Thanks for listening. Love yas.