People, I have fallen in love with shoes. Hard, Baby, like a punch to the heart.
I don’t know what happened, I suppose some of the blame belongs to What Not to Wear, which has revived my interest in fashion. I just realized, I’ve been walking around like a candidate for that show (poor, unknowing fashion victims are given a surprise makeover. It’s a totally gratifying hour of tv watching, trust me!) So, this show helped me realize, my clothes were boring me to death. Seriously, they were launching an organized attack on my inner fashionista.
There was no pleasure in dressing, just putting on my “mom uniform” of jeans that were a little too snug for comfort (ah, denial!!) and the same long sleeve cotton shirt from Old Navy in a million different boring colors. Not a print or collar for miles. And, the tennis shoes, which I was practically sleeping in. Snore. It’s understandable that it had come to this, staying at home with the kids requires a particular, basic kind of outfit. But that had turned into ALL I had, ALL I wore, ALL the time.
And suddenly, fashion has slapped me upside the head. Wake up! Check out the awesomeness! I don’t know how it found me, or what I did to provoke the wake up call, but I’m loving it. This is HUGE, folks. I’ve never been a shoppy kind of girl. But, things have a-changed. I could shop till the cows come home. Or actually, I could go out looking for those cows, and end up with a nice leather bag at the end of the day. That’s how bad this is.
But back to the shoes…. merciful stars! Who knew there were so many fabulous, adorable kinds of shoes out there? Where have I been for the last decade? How could I possibly love a pair of shoes so much, that I just want to spend time with them, get to know them, give them names, and little pats on the toes?
Something’s wrong with me.
That’s it, all I got tonight. It’s been a long hard day (of shopping) and my darling shoes and I have to get up early tomorrow for church. I’d end with a “ta-ta”, but I think that would be overkill. I’m not that far gone… yet.