So, I am still doing the Grocery Game, still loving it. I save TONS of money, which I am learning, can be redirected in the budget to the Shoe Fund. That’s right. I save money, and my feet look fabulous. It’s a really good motivation.
Anyway, one of the big ways I save, is by purchasing lots of one particular item when it goes on sale. Like, an obscene amount. More than you could eat in a week or two. I am able to do this, because of that wonderful invention, the deep freezer. I have discovered, there are many foods you can freeze, in order to build your stockpile. I wouldn’t have known it unless I researched it, so maybe they will surprise you, too.
-Canned biscuits. Yup, seriously. You just thaw them out in the fridge the day before you want to use them. The only ones you can’t freeze are the flaky ones, or the crescent rolls. All the others are fine. I have 35 cans of Pillsbury biscuits in my freezer right now, no joke, that I paid a mere 25 or 50 cents for. It’s great.
-Milk. I occasionally find this on sale, and the way we go through milk, I will definitely stock up on it. Freezes and thaws just fine!
Butter- You got it. Sticks or tubs, works just fine.
Eggs- Haven’t done this one yet, because they rarely go on sale around here. However, you mix the yolk and white together, and fill an ice tray with them. Each cube equals one egg.
Cheese- shredded freezes best, can be used for recipes. A whole block doesn’t work as well, but you can shred it, then freeze it.
Yogurt- the consistency will change if you thaw it out completely, but it is GREAT as a frozen treat for the kids. In a cup, or tub or the GoGurts, of course. If you stick a popsicle stick through the foil lid, you have a great healthy snack, ready to go.
And of course, fresh fruits and veggies can also be frozen. Some may need to be blanched, however, to freeze well. Also, breads, nuts, and herbs can be frozen.
Before you freeze something, I’d recommend Googling it for directions. There are some tricks to make things last longer, and how to thaw them correctly. There are also guidelines for how long something can remain frozen, lest you get TOO enthusiastic.
I hope someone finds this post useful! If you’ve never ventured into this area, you should try it! And if you’re an old pro at freezer shopping, and you’ve frozen anything unexpected, add it to the list! I’d love to hear your success stories. (Or, you can just post a picture of your new shoes, bought with money saved from your thrifty grocery shopping, which I will find equally thrilling.)
Okay, back to the day.