So, guess what Cupid brought to our house for Valentine’s Day?
Nice chap, that Cupid. Czarina came down with a stomach bug, but it seems to be a 24 hour thing. She’s improving, fortunately. She gets so pitiful when she’s sick. 😦 Now, we wait to see who drops next! My money is on HeroBoy, because he’s currently laying on the floor doing nothing. That is NOT a good sign. He doesn’t ever do NOTHING.
Anyway, don’t count on seeing me ’round the internets for a day or two or twenty. I’ll be manning the spit-up bucket, and believe me, that’s a job that requires diligence. Do NOT fall down on that job.
Hope you all had a great (read better) weekend than moi. (Except for the first part of Saturday, which totally rocked because King Pen sent me out for some ME time!! I went shopping, and it was fantastic. I am no longer ashamed to be seen in public.)
Okay, I’m out! If you don’t hear from me in a week, then somebody please come to my house. Consider it an SOS.