You know what I love?

I love that you like my hair curly.  I love that you think the color of my skin is amazing, and I’m not wearing makeup.  I love that my green eyes just happen to be your favorite color.  I love that you say I smell wonderful, when I know it’s not perfume or soap or anything but just me.  I love that you marvel at the softness of my skin, and I haven’t been anywhere near lotions or potions or the fountain of youth.

You love me, who I am, before anything else has been added.  You love the unedited me, the unpolished beginnings.  You love the morning me, the before the coffee me.  Sick me, sad me, terrible snakeskin tshirt me, “black as a raven’s feather” me.  You love me in all my facets, effortlessly.

And I love that.