Oh, I can’t stand it.

I’m weak. I’m a bad-breaker-upper. I didn’t mean it, I’m sorry, let’s try it again, okay? We can go to couples therapy, if that’s what it takes, but let’s not give up on this thing yet.

So I’ll just take a little time, a few weeks– and I’ll come back. For better or worse, I can’t give up blogging, but a little vacation wouldn’t hurt. So, we’ll say, February 1st, mkay? I know that will give me a chance to rest, to enjoy other people’s blogs, and to consider where I want the Sift to go from here. I know there’s more left to say, I just have struggled to know what it is lately. You can’t help but wonder in those moments, is this it? Am I done? After a few days to mull it over, I think I just need a break. I think a few weeks of quiet, of stillness, will help things come into focus. A few weeks to dip my pen in the ink of life, and what I write will be better for it.

Thanks so much for all your sweet comments and emails– I treasure each one. You remind me why it’s worth the effort. I am humbled by the breadth of your love for me, and for this blog. It’s just not something I can walk away from.

Looking forward to a new season at the Sift…