Sorry I’ve been a bit absent lately, guys. I’ve had a sick crew over here, so I’ve been busy taking temperatures and changing cartoon dvds. In my nursing efforts, I’ve turned to a tried and true recipe for the best chicken and dumplings you’ve ever tasted. And, why yes, I’ll be happy to share it!! It’s honestly much easier to make your own dumplings than you think, and it tastes so much better. Don’t be skurred. Just go for it.

This recipe comes from my dear friend Amy’s family. Her mother made me a cookbook filled with recipes from my family, from King Pen’s family, and some of their own personal favorites. It’s the one wedding present that I have used a billion times, and added to many times over the years. I’d be lost without this cookbook!

Anyway, here it is:

2 chicken thighs or breasts- deboned and torn into bite sized pieces
2 1/4 cup All Purpose flour (NOT SELF RISING!!)
1/4 c shortening
1 tsp salt
ice water to make stiff dough
1 can chicken broth, or broth from boiled chicken (actually, I usually end up with 2 cans)
1/2 to 1 cup milk (evaporated will give a richer flavor)

Mix flour and salt, cut in shortening with fork. Add water a little at a time until stiff dough is formed. Roll onto floured surface until thin, cut into strips. Drop into boiling broth (big pot). Cook one minute, then add chicken and milk. Cook until thickened, stirring often, then salt and pepper to taste.

Now, as a side note, if at all possible, try cooking the chicken in a crockpot ahead of time, because it makes the meat sooo tender. I season my chicken with some mild spices, and then I also use the drippings in the broth. It makes a DIVINE dish, I promise. Plus, with your crockpot, you can prepare chicken for lots of dishes/casseroles and freeze it until you need it. This saves me a lot of time!

Okay, that’s my post for today. Please don’t nominate me for Most Boring Blogger Ever. That would hurt a little. Just remember the good old days, back when I used to be pretty interesting and thought provoking. (A couple kids back, I think, in case you’re wondering where in the archives that is. Ha.)

Peace out, and happy eating.