What a wonderful, life affirming two days. Yesterday, my cousin Laura gave birth to her first child, a little baby boy. She was one tough cookie, determined to have a drug-free birth, and she did it. I am so proud of her!

Also, yesterday, my sister Ashley announced on her blog that she is pregnant. This is especially significant to me, because she and I had the same due date. At first, that hurt a little bit, but now, not so much. I will always have a special reminder when I look at her child of my own little one now in heaven. I know I will sometimes think of what might have been, but I will also think of what IS, and that is a beautiful thing, too.

And lastly, today is my brother’s birthday. My brother, who has journeyed through addiction, and has come out on the other side. My brother, who at times, we feared might not reach the next birthday when that path was particularly ugly. My brother, who is seeking the Lord in his life… oh how God answers prayers.

So, it’s a good two days. The sting of sorrow is wearing off, it just can’t stand against the endless blessings that God bestows. It is buoyed up, and away, in the rolling waves of His goodness.