I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org So, that’s my goal. That every gift I give this year be handmade– not necessarily by ME, but people like me. It feels great! It’s actually pretty liberating, and exciting. I’m going to have to really hunt to find the right things. I don’t want to be a dork about it, ya know– like, I know my dad doesn’t want a knitted cozy for his coffee cup. It’s going to be a stretch for some of the people on my list who are more electronically, gadgetly minded. But, I guarantee, there will be more thought put into these gifts than in something I grabbed in Target.

For the kids, this is a little tricky, though. There are some very particular kinds of toys they like, and I don’t want to NOT get them… but they’ll get that stuff from other people, right? I just don’t want them to be disappointed. Maybe I could bend the rules a LITTLE bit for them. Or, maybe this would be the coolest year of gifts, one they never forget? Maybe I could leave the brand name toy givin’ to Santa. Gotta mull this one over a bit.

Anyway, just thought I’d spread the Handmade Pledge around, encouraging you to try it also. In this economy, artisans and crafters, people just like you and me, could really use your support. Wal-Mart has enough of our money, yeah?