I just wanted to thank everybody for your encouraging, supportive words over the last few days. I’ve gotten lots of emails and calls, and comments here that have really helped. I am feeling better, both physically and emotionally. I was describing it to my mom as suddenly losing your shell, losing your protective covering. It takes a while to grow a new one. But, I’m working on it, I’ve got something there. It’s still soft, but I’m not as vulnerable and exposed as I was. I don’t cry as easily, I can talk about it and think about it without so much pain. I am smiling about other things, eating, talking, breathing again. I’m going to be okay. What hurt, is healing- in body and in spirit.

Thank you all for being there, for saying something even if you weren’t sure what to say. I know how that is, I know it can feel awkward or insufficient to say something, even downright uncomfortable, when somebody is going through a hard time. But it means all the more to me that you reached out over that, to let me know you care and you’re praying. It helped, it truly did.

The kids have been with King Pen’s mother, who so graciously took them and did All Saint’s Day festivities Saturday and church today. I know she’s got her hands full, and I appreciate her for that short-notice sacrifice. Thank you, Mrs. Sue. I truly appreciate it. I’ll be picking them up on Tuesday, and then, we’ll get back to life. Life, normal life, which sounds so sweet right now.

Thank you again, friends. God heard your prayers, and He has eased us through, gently bringing us closer to the other side of grief.