I have to admit, there’s a fine line between stockpiling, and hoarding. And I came close to crossing it tonight.

But, y’all!

How could I pass up Children’s Advil, regularly $6.99, on sale and with my coupons, for $1.99? I mean, wouldn’t it be less sane of me NOT to buy ten boxes of that? With four kids, we’ll use it all, eventually. I have saved Future Me lots of money, right? And when the Future Kiddos get Future Fevers, I can Futurely Treat them!

It all makes perfect sense, see?

Nobody better be writing a letter to Oprah right now about me.

(By the way, that works out to be a savings of $50. Now go on, delete that letter. That’s a new pair of shoes for Mama. No way is that crazy.)