So, today I’ve got something going on with my throat. It’s actually been bothering me for the last few mornings, and then finally today, it didn’t get better as the day rolled on. It’s gotten to the point where I’m better off not talking. So, I’ve been whispering, gesturing, and ignoring. (Ha.) It’s remarkable how odd it has made the day, though. Very peculiar. I am not sure if I’m coming down with a viral sore throat or what (hopefully NOT strep?!) I’ve got a red, raw throat, and bumps, and my tongue feels really thick and tender. Lymph nodes are swollen as well, and there’s no way I could eat anything. But I’m not coughing. So, I don’t know. We’ll see.

Oh, wait, you didn’t want a complete, graphic rundown of my physical status? No pictures of the inside of my throat for your expert diagnosis? Fine then. I’ll just move on to another, less gross, much more adorable, topic. How about what came in the mail today? (Oh, don’t look so excited. You might hurt yourself!)

My wool felt: (look at all those pretty colors! Aren’t they scrumptious?)


And my Softies book, which turned out to be a kit:


It’s a box that opens up, with an instruction manual:


And then individual cards with instructions for each of the 15 projects:


It even included some wool felt, embroidery floss, stuffing, and patterns:


Doesn’t it look fun? Don’t you hope I’m making you one of these for Christmas? I mean, who doesn’t want a cute little ice cream pie guy for the holidays?


As a matter of fact, some ice cream would be great on my throat right now. Watch out, little buddy.


That’s enough rambling from here. Happy Monday, folks. Hope everybody has a good ‘un.