So yesterday’s post was a bit heavy, I know. Politics, torture, 9/11– I can’t imagine why nobody wants to talk about that stuff! Ha!

The thing is, you can take a little of that, but not too much. And lately, I’ve probably had too much. It’s been a hobby for the last couple of months (or, as King Pen kindly observes, an obsession), and I have probably reached my saturation point. I’ll be so glad when this election is over, yeah?

We’re carving our pumpkins today. King Pen suggested a big pumpkin eating a smaller one. I countered with the little pumpkin sitting on top of the big one, and the big one looking up at him cross-eyed. My idea was met with what I think was excessive disdain. Hmf. See what I get for trying to keep things G rated round here? I get no respect. Fine. Let’s carve up some cannibal pumpkins, but YOU’RE the one who’s getting up when they have evil gourd nightmares. I’m just sayin’.

Let’s see… what else? We took the week off for fall break. Everybody else was doing it… I do feel a little guilty about it, though. The kids were in Monroe from Monday to Wednesday, because I had a dentist appointment Tuesday. I have no babysitters here, nada. So they took the opportunity to visit Mama Sue and Daddy Walt, and had a ball. And I had three fantabulous days to myself. I cleaned, rearranged furniture, stripped a bookshelf, sewed, and shopped. Oh, and King Pen and I got to go jogging, together. That hasn’t happened in about 10 years! We have to take turns, ya know, since our children require adult supervision. They’re so needy. So it was a treat to go together!

The dentist appointment, mm, not so good. I have major work that must be done over the next year, and that royally STINKS. But, c’est le vie. I am just glad to have the bad news over and done with, and now I can move on with it. I did like the dentist though- he was really nice. As a matter of fact, judging from his behavior, I might be his new favorite client! I guess you give your HIGHEST PAYING CUSTOMERS the royal treatment, yeah?

We have Reformation Sunday coming up at church. It’s a joint service with another Reformed Baptist church from a nearby town. We’ll have worship together, and dinner, and the kids could dress up like Reformers if they wanted to. Which basically means, they could wear brown robes. I think we’ll pass. I mean, I don’t want to be a bad sport, but there’s just not much fun in the 1500 ecclesiastical ensemble. And I can guarantee that they won’t want to stand up in front of the church and tell what Reformer they are. Whew!

See… I don’t know. I get the whole fall festival, halloween alternative, reformation day thing. I understand WHY people shy away from Halloween. I don’t think they need to do that, but that’s a different post. But my GOODNESS. If they want to compete– if they want to win out over the cultural celebration– then ya gotta make it something AWESOME. ‘Cause, forgive me, but dressing up like a Reformer and reciting the 95 Thesis doesn’t seem quite as exciting as dressing up like Batman and getting loads of candy. But maybe that’s just me. It just seems like so many churches say, “We can offer so much more than this pagan holiday!” and then they sort of don’t deliver.


I should probably end here, before I get myself in trouble!

Ya’ll have a good weekend… see ya Monday. And y’all, be careful of the pumpkins out there. Especially ours.