I’m so in love with my family these days. Oh, of course, I always love them. It’s like breathing. I won’t and can’t stop breathing till my days are done. Breathing is an involuntary, constant motion- and that’s what loving my family is like. I couldn’t NOT love them even if I wanted to, anymore than I could just quit breathing for a while. I need it, can’t live without it, couldn’t stop it even if I tried.

But some days, it’s more than breathing. Some days, the air is so sweet. Fragrant, refreshing. There are places where the air is different, and simply breathing it in is the prize. It may mean climbing a mountain, crossing cold streams, perching on rocky peaks… all to taste that potent air, so rich and full. When you’re there, you breathe deeply. Slowly. It’s more than a biological function – it is a communion of the the senses. That’s where I am right now. I am in a special season, of almost constant joy. I breathe fully, taking it in and holding it until I can’t anymore. The moments with my children standout in such clarity, such heartbreaking tenderness, or innocence, or mirth. They are a sudden, brisk wind that blows on my face, and my breath catches at it’s touch. It seizes me, grabbing my attention– and I can’t look anywhere but at them, and marvel at how wonderful this life is.

I know, it is a gift. I know, there will be other seasons, when breathing is harder. I know there are deserts. Places where the air scorches, and we must breathe shallow, painful gasps. But that is not now. No, now is the time for breathing- for tasting and seeing- that the Lord is good. It is a time of abundance and delight. My cup overflows, my heart is full, the air is cool and pure.

Seasons, they come and go. I pray this one stays, and stays, and stays some more. But while there is air to move beyond my lips, no matter how sweet or bitter, then I will thank Him for it.

“And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

He leaned down, gave me breath, gave me love, gave me life.

What else can I do, but sigh back in thanksgiving, praising him with the very breath He gave?