So, my Etsy store has been a little quiet lately. I’ve been doing some things by commission, so it’s not exactly reflective of the amount of business I’m actually doing. But, still, it’s slowed down some. Which is fine by me. I am realizing this will be more of a summer and holiday business, because schooling and mothering takes up a great deal of my day.

I’ve got some really lovely material waiting to be turned into slings, and I’m eager to see how they turn out. I’ve begun experimenting with different color palettes and ribbons and things on my tote bags. I even tried my hand at embroidery for the first time on a pillow for my mom’s birthday. (It came out a bit childish, but she said she liked it. Just like that popsicle house I made her that time in Girl Scouts.) I have plans for some fall dresses for Czarina, some personalized gifts for Christmas, and some items for my own home. All these projects allow me to indulge my creative side and be practical at the same time. I’m glad for that. I’ll take it where I can get it.

While there are lots of ideas churning around in my mind, and my hands are itching to get to them, I have to admit, there is one project that is solely, completely, just for fun. And it’s the one I am most excited- no, I’m downright GIDDY about. And that is learning how to create things from wool felt. I ordered a multipack color set, and two books from Amazon about Japanese felting. Here’s the kind of stuff I’m talking about:



Once I get the technique down, I know this is something I could really, really love. I’m sure I could sell them in some form or give them as gifts, but I have to confess that’s not why I want to learn how to make them. I just want to because they are SO UNBELIEVABLY CUTE. There are endless possibilities to the cuteness.

And, folks, it’s nice to do something just ’cause you want to. Not because you have to, need to, ought to, or anything else. Just for the joy of it. Simply for the pleasure it brings you. Just because it makes you smile.

We need some things in our life like that, don’t you think? We need playfulness. We are so wrapped up in being efficient and sensible, which are not bad things… but not all of life is so practical. If we only let in the things that are functional, those things that pay for themselves or can be counted as sound investments of our time and money and attention… well, we miss out on so much. We need fanciful, quixotic things that serve no real purpose, except to lighten our spirits. There has to be a place within us, a small spot in the back, where we can give over to the whimsy of life.


I don’t need this little owl in my life. He wouldn’t save me time or money. I can’t eat him, or wear him, or use him to clean something in my house. He is absolutely unnecessary in any practical sense.

But, I know I need him, for that very reason.