I’ve been torn over this upcoming election ever since Ron Paul dropped out. In my perfect world, I’d proudly put a check by his name on the ballot. He is awesome.

But it ain’t happening.

As a matter of fact, the whole idea of voting third party throws me off a bit. I’m uncertain about whether to vote ideologically, or realistically. Things will NEVER change, we’ll ALWAYS have a two-party system, unless we are willing to “throw away” our vote on a third party. For a while anyway, until everybody sees that voting third party is a legitimate option and could actually work, and work BETTER.

Besides, the two parties we have are both a mess, with very little actual difference between them. Somebody told me once, the only difference between the Republican and Democratic parties is about sixty years. Today’s Republican looks a lot like yesterday’s Democrat. And neither one looks like ME.

Suffice it to say, voting for the lesser of two evils just isn’t very appealing. But neither is the feeling that if my vote can possibly help keep somebody I dislike more out of office, then it would be a shame not to use it. In my mind, one candidate is preferable to the other… but not by a very big margin.

It’s like having to choose between strawberry flavored crud and chocolate flavored crud. I mean, I like chocolate better, but still. It’s crud. I’d rather have ice cream. Can I ask for that, even if I know I won’t get it?

Please, opine. I won’t bite. With the weeks dwindling away towards the election, I hate being this uncertain… so do share your thoughts!

Third party, or lesser of two evils?