So I’ll just post the pics.

Thanks to King Pen, I’ve now officially begun my collection of Santos. He spotted a bubble gum machine filled to the brim with Saints, half a buck each. Not the football team. Oh, no, this is much, much better. These are the actual, canonized saints of the church. In itty bitty collectible format.

And who can walk away from that, folks? Seriously? So, my sweet man dug two quarters out of his pocket, and brought me home some blog material. Boy, does he know the way to my heart! I’ve got my fingers crossed that he’ll finish out the collection on Valentine’s Day.

I started out big– I got Mary. I know- you’re jealous. Try not to be- that’s a sin.

I’ll try to recreate the moment for you. First, in the bubble. I wasn’t sure what she was at first. The cloudy plastic is a veritable veil of mystery!


And here, liberated from her bubble prison! Oh the vision!


Up close, floating in a sea of white. And I just love a good pair of strong, stout hands on a woman!


It was a beautiful moment.

Next time, I’m hoping for the Virgin De Guadalupe. I hear they only made a limited number of those, though, so I’ll try not to get my hopes up too high.


You can consider the above image my official Christmas list.

(That is, if I haven’t jumped from the Nice List to the Naughty List with this post. I’ll admit, it’s borderline. But still. Hey, look! A bird! Over there!)