I counted, there were twenty-seven.

That’s how many people were in church today. For the last few weeks, we’ve been visiting a reformed Baptist church, tucked away in the country. A small, nearly impossible-to-catch sign points the way down a side road, where twenty-seven people gather on a good day to worship. Last Sunday, there were thirty-five gathered, and I overheard many amazed exclamations.

They meet in a trailer church (I didn’t even know they made those but apparently they do) in a big pasture. The building is smaller than my house, and could use some loving touches, but for some reason, we are drawn to them. There is kindness there, and warmth, and people who are looking in the right direction. They don’t have it all ironed out yet- they are not an established church on well-trod territory. They’re still figuring out what they believe and how to express that in worship and daily life– but they are seeking.

So, here we are, after ten months of searching ourselves, and we are starting to feel a peace about this place. It would be a completely different kind of church experience for us. We’ve been fortunate for our entire married life, to find churches on solid ground, ones that ministered to us and honestly, didn’t need all that much in return. We’ve benefited from the hard work of others- those founding fathers who helped lay down the foundation of excellent churches. We’ve been so blessed to be a part of those congregations. It was especially helpful to me in those early years as I worked out what I believed, to be in churches with sound, steadfast teaching. But this, well this is very different. It’s a fledgling body, just beginning to work out the mechanisms of reformed theology. I do not mean that in a condescending way at all- it’s a beautiful thing! I am encouraged by them, by their belief that if they continue to study God’s word, that He will lead them in the direction He wants them to go. How fertile a field they make themselves- how can we not want to be a part of that?

Today, there were indeed, only twenty seven. But a few weeks ago, there were only twenty one. God drew us there, six bodies that filled up a single pew. And I am certain, we are only one of many families to come– because God blesses the willingness of His people.

We’ll continue to pray about His direction in our life, but we both feel good about this church. Now that we’re getting past the unknown visitor stage, we’re hoping to learn more about them as a congregation and denomination… and maybe, God willing, we’ll have found our church home.

S’good. Because the gypsy life… we’ll, she’s not for me. I just wanna go home.