isn’t really so difficult. I have to admit, I had never done it before. Guess that doesn’t reflect well on me, but it’s true. From now on though, it will be my new hobby. I will be calling all. the. time. They’re gonna be totally sick of me.

Anyway, so I called last week, and I was nervous as all get out. I can’t say why- I mean, I’m a grown-up. I’ve operated a phone before. But, still, it was like calling up Emerald City and asking for the great and powerful wizard. I was suprised somebody actually ANSWERED! I expected an automated message center, or more likely, a busy signal. But no- I spoke with a real, live thirteen-year old intern person, who listened thoughtfully, took my name and number (carefully dotting the “i’s” with little hearts, I’m sure), and promised to pass on my sentiments to the Congressman. (Right after they finish watching the end of Highschool Musical 3, of course.)

Well, then.

So, if I can do it, you can, too. Here is the link for phone numbers. It’s really easy, takes about two minutes.

If you are against this bail-out bill, then call! Now! This is the way to stop it. It is scheduled for a vote at noonish, so you’ve still got time to make your thoughts known. This is how it works- we’ve got to participate in this process by letting our representatives know how we want to be represented, no matter what the issue is or how you stand on it. Now is the time to stir ourselves, not just one day in November every four years, ya know?