Now that you’ve seen my pupils, would you like to see my school room?


Our school room is a weird spare room that is off the master. You walk through it, (there’s no door, just a doorway), and you get to the master closet. It’s odd. I believe it was designed as a sewing room, because there are two closets filled with shelves for organizing. Anyway, this room has two good windows that look off into the backyard, so we have lots of sun coming in. I like having a special, seperate place for school. It keeps us focused, settled down, and on task. I have tried to make at is “school-like” as possible with bulletin boards, special areas for each student, and general knick-knacks.

I am currently using the “fancy chair” in the corner to sit in, but I would like a teacher’s desk myself. I just pull the chair up right now to whoever’s desk I am working with. This is a view from HeroBoy’s desk- as a matter of fact, you can see the edge of his desk in the lower middle part of the picture, and Czarina’s is in the lower left-hand side. Their desks are awesome. Czarina’s is an old antique desk I got from my aunt. The top lifts up, and it even has the old inkwell hole in it. (For the record, that’s my Diet Dr. Pepper. Not hers.) HeroBoy’s desk is also an antique, one that was used in King Pen’s grade school way back when.


This bad boy is my main workstation. I keep all the curriculums, workbooks, and supplemental materials in these compartments. It’s pretty massive, but it’s organized out the wazoo. The little chair there is for Chipmunk. I move it into a semi-circle for Bible time, music, and the Pledge. He’s ALL into it, too, lemme tell ya.


This is one of those closets I mentioned. I keep all the flashcards, puzzles, games, and most of the school supplies here. You can see those boxes on the top shelf– those are my “toddler boxes”. They are empty diaper wipe boxes I’ve put to good use. Each one of them contains an activity that is (theoretically) supposed to keep the Duke and Chipmunk occupied. Sometimes it works. And sometimes… well, let’s just say SpongeBob Squarepants swoops in to save the day.


And lastly, here you can see HeroBoy and the Duke in their seats. HeroBoy’s desk is actually part of a set, you put one in front the other. The front of the desk is convenient as a seat for the Duke during Bible time and stuff. Check out that ironwork on the legs- love it!

We use the small table in the corner for the toddler activities. Oh, and you can see the door to my closet, where I have a clear shoe hanging organizer, that has all the smallest school supplies in it: paintbrushes, pencils, staplers, pipecleaners, etc. Nifty little item, that one. The blue/yellow/red curtain behind them is what hangs in the doorway. Beyond that is my bedroom, and uh, no you may not. Heh.



So there you have it. That’s our set up. I have to say, I’m pretty happy with it. The kids enjoy being in there, they are eager and enthusiastic, and I couldn’t ask for more as a teacher.

Except, maybe a paycheck. That’d be nice. Ha.