Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately. It’s just… I got nothing! I mean, there are things to blog about, tons of them. But I don’t seem to be interested in writing lately. I am busy, but that’s nothing new, and it’s not really the problem, either. I just sit at the computer, staring at the white screen and the cursor blinking… and I think, “eh.”

I get that way sometimes, and I wonder if it means I’m done blogging. But then I always seem to swing back into it. It’s just that this time, it’s been this way for several months. Longer than it’s ever gone before. I am wondering if that means I am truly cycling out of it— which makes me really sad. I don’t want to quit, honestly I don’t. But my heart’s not in it these days. I know you can see it too– my posts have been pretty lackluster lately. And infrequent. I remember when I used to write every single day, sometimes twice in a day! Oh, the puppy love of blogging! I’m through the honeymoon… and now I’m left wondering if I’m gonna make it through the long haul. Five years is a long time– my blog is no spring chicken. Is it time for retirement? What’s the life cycle of a blog?

I’ll have to give this some thought. Any other long-time bloggers out there know what I’m saying? What did you do when you get to this point?

Well, I’m off. In-laws are coming for a visit, school is waiting, and the house needs to be reassembled!

Don’t worry, we’ll chat this topic over some more. I’m not closing the doors here yet… just saying, I’m questioning if it’s run it’s course. Wah.

Okay, that’s enough of that. Be back later.