1. Declare an Emergency Cleaning Day, and cease all other activities.
2. Turn up the music.
3. Open the windows.
4. Start with the Laundry room.
5. Throw away some old, sad panties. Ha.

Seriously, after getting some emotional support from King Pen (who is absolutely the best fella for the job)– I am getting on top of my game here. I decided we needed a work day– that when my environment is chaotic, I simply cannot function. Maybe that’s a weakness, maybe it’s a bit anal or type A, but I really suffer in clutter. So, no school today, which I dislike, but it’s for the best. Due to one thing or another (like a 4 hour trip to the pediatrician Monday and birthday happenings yesterday), I haven’t been able to get settled from vacation. Suitcases, piles of laundry, dishes, candles still out from the hurricane, you name it. This place was on the verge of being condemned (except, it wasn’t actually GROSS. Just horribly askew. My, how I love that word– askew. Come on, say it with me.)

Anyway, just let you all know I am gonna survive Gulliver’s Travels. I’m squashing Lilliputs left and right!

Oh, that’s wrong.

Okie dokie- off to it! Will blog when this place is whipped into shape.