Hi all! Quick update- we rode out Gustav, which was, admittedly, fun. I enjoy storms. (Why do I feel guilty confessing that?) Anyway, we were fortunate with no damage to our house. There were trees and limbs all over the city and of course, no power. We stayed one night and then when it was clear enough, we drove up to Monroe to stay with family. We are just not equipped to go a long time without power, and with small kids, it would have been miserable! I can’t fathom when the city will be put back together again– maybe sometime next week? Anyway, we’re here for the time being, until the kids and I leave on an all-ready planned trip to Destin with my mom and sisters. (We leave on Saturday for that!) Keeping our fingers crossed that Ike won’t pester us for that one. Boy, I tell you, it was FUN packing for a week long beach trip in the DARK! There is no telling what is in my suitcases right now. Anyway.

In the meantime, King Pen has to report back to work, even though most of the employees don’t have electricity. I guess you have to do what you have to do, eh? He’ll basically be camping out at our house next week, and hopefully it will be repaired quickly.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know we’re fine. Thanks for all the calls and emails– I appreciate your concern. I’ll try to write again before we leave for the beach! Have a good weekend, and good luck with the weather.