I am so beat. So brain-dead, I can guarantee this will be the most boring blog post EVAH.

Where do I start? With the weekend of innertubing and (attempted) wakeboarding that resulted in a frantic need for a chiropractor? (I would have kidnapped one if I could have on Monday. If I’d had use of my arms, that is.)

Should I post all our lake pictures (which need to be resized and all that first?) Or should I post the ones from the kid’s first day of school today, and relate how our first day back went?

Or should I write about the rollerskating field trip on Thursday? My mom coming on Wednesday night? Or the company coming this weekend? (Can’t wait, Denise!!)

Or, instead of writing, should I be folding the laundry, filing the piles of coupons waiting to be put away, washing supper dishes, or starting on the THREE tote bags that are waiting for me? Or, and shhh– don’t say this one too loud– could I sneak back into my bedroom and read a few more chapters of that new Diana Gabaldon book that’s just calling my name? Oh, the things to be done!!

At least, I’ve got all my school stuff ready for tomorrow. That’s about the extent of my preparation for this week’s activities. Scary.

I think, for the moment, I’m going to go make myself a bowl of Cocoa Puffs. And then we’ll see about all that other stuff, yeah?

Just wanted to check in, letcha know I’m not dead. More blogging tomorrow! Even if it means not doing laundry. ‘Cause you all mean just that much.