In a world of relativism, where we live in shades of grey, it is good to know we serve a God of absolutes.

He is always, or He is never– He is not sometimes. Not vague or abstract, He is Concrete, and Sure– not kind of.

He is the Immovable Mountain.

There are no questions that He is not the answer to. You can respond to the world’s hurts, to your own hurts- with certainty, with boldness and confidence, knowing there is a clear, unchanging Answer. That Immovable Mountain is a landmark we can point to, eternally rising above the horizon. For He is ALWAYS, with you. He will NEVER forsake you. He is not a Sometimes God. He doesn’t do Occasionally, or Maybe.

He said it, He meant it, it’s Truth.

Now to those seeking in the fields of grey, “Look, here it is! The answer!”

We can say—

God can fix this.

God can heal that.

God can forgive you.

God will sustain you.

God is listening, God is waiting.

It’s not trite. It’s not cliche. It’s not too little for this world’s big problems.

For He is Sufficient, and Almighty
Unchanging, and Immovable.

We need not say more, but point to Him, to the Mountain that is God. “Look up,” we say, “and see Him!”

Rejoicing that we live in the shadow of His Peaks, we can’t help but call out for others to see His goodness, to rest in the cool shade of his presence.

Beckoning the world from it’s life of grey, unafraid and with love- so that all may know Him.