So, work continues on the rental house in Monroe. This weekend, we pressure washed the garage and front porch, continued clearing out the shed and took a load of junk to the dump, and moved out the remaining furniture. It’s nearly ready, and now the business of finding a renter and getting loose ends tied up has come. (Or so I’ve been saying for the past two months… it just keeps going on!!)

Here are a few exterior shots of the house, since a few people have asked about it.




This is the back of the house:



This is the view from the back porch- there is a huge field (perfect for horses, says Czarina!):


And back behind the field is the Brimberry, which is a gorgeous swamp where King Pen’s fondest childhood memories lurk (as well as some beavers, but no gators.)


And finally, this is the shed behind the house, which was filled to the brim with junk and dirt dobbers: (Notice the old gas pump, where King Pen’s papaw, who was a farmer, filled up his tractors and machines. Cool, huh?)


So, that’s the jist of it. I took a lot of other outside pictures, but it was just too much to put here. You can’t tell, but the natural landscape is very lovely. There are some wonderful trees and shady areas in the yard that only happen in the country. There are lots of places for the kids to explore and enjoy, interesting plant life and tons of room for running. There is potential for an amazing yard, plenty of room for a huge veggie garden, and King Pen has plans for an arboretum and nature trails. You could do pretty much anything with the landscape, because there is so much of it!!

I am a very bad judge of land measurement, but I’d figure the whole thing was sitting on six acres or so, counting the fields on all sides. (Correct me if you think I’m off on that, dear!) However much it is, It’s dreamy, and I can’t wait to live there. (Three year plan, people!!) The house itself wouldn’t be large enough for us, it’s only 3 bedrooms, so we’d have to add another level or something. And, the inside needs renovating on a larger scale than what we’ve done (or have the money to do at this time.) We’ve given it lots of TLC, though, and it’s come a long way in the past few months. Grandparents and cousins living less than half a mile down the road in either direction make it downright silly perfect. I’m counting down the days. (1, 095 to go.)

Anyway, thought I’d share! This is part of the reason I haven’t been around the Sift much these days– but we’re nearing the end, I think. Anyway, I’ll do interior pictures next time.

Have a good morning, y’all!