It’s amazing the difference 24 hours can make. I in no way resemble the whiny, stiff-necked, pitiful creature I was this time last night. Which means, King Pen can chunk those papers he was having drawn up concerning my living will, or a competency petition, or something equally sinister. (And I’m not so sure there weren’t some divorce papers slid in there as well. hmf.) Oh, I joke. I’m not a very good patient, that’s true, but he’s a very good caretaker. We’re both glad I’m better, though, and we avoided legal action once again. Good man.

Anyway, I predict by tomorrow morning, I’ll be completely back to normal. Yay! Just in time for a weekend trip to Monroe for the 4th. Monroe, where young folk live! Monroe, where more than two people actually know my name! Monroe, where not every third person is wearing camo crocs! Yippee!!

And -sigh-.

I gotta learn to love this place if I’m gonna live here, right? It’s just a bit bleak at the moment…

But now’s not the time for that post. I’m headed to bed, where I shall dream of the delicious food to be had in a few days time. Tomatoes from the garden, here I come! Sweet dreams, butterbeans. See you in the morning.