I can feel the need for a blog hiatus creeping up on me.

I started blogging on June 7, 2003. (I still have to get those archives back up- still about two hundred to republish.) Anyway, that’s 5 years of writing on a fairly continual basis. You guys sick of me yet? I had no idea when I started what I was in for. It’s been amazing. Writing here has has helped solidify my thoughts and philosophies, it’s gotten me in trouble a time or two, it’s given me wonderful new friendships and sources of encouragment, it’s been a springboard for lots of good things in my life. It’s been a record-keeper, a scrapbook filled from cover to cover. I can’t imagine not blogging- I can’t imagine the quiet that would fill me without it. As busy as I am, this place is an anchor. It’s like Cheers after a long day. It’s Central Perk, it’s the Cherokee. It’s the dive I call my own, the place that beckons when the work is done.

But, as experience has taught me, sometimes I need a break, even from blogging. I need to recharge in the real world, go off the radar, live without documentation for just a bit. I’ll be out of town for the next week, so it’s the perfect time to let the blog lie fallow for a little while. So when I come back, the ground will be rested, and rich for good writing.

Hope you all enjoy the break, as well! Go out, get some sun! I plan to be back July 1st. Till then, happy days of summering to you- take care of yourself and have fun! Please don’t wander too far away, though. I wants ya back.

G’bye, pumpkinheads. See you in a few weeks.