Have I introduced you to Tory yet? He’s the rambunctious box turtle the kids found about three weeks ago, and adopted as their pet. He’s great. He’s very animated for a turtle, not shy at all. He eats voraciously, gazes at you curiously, and seems to enjoy contact with kids. So, yeah. I hit the pet jackpot, ’cause he is LOW maintenance, people. King Pen built him a turtle run, a big enclosed habitat that he can totally mellow in. He’s a happy boxie boy.

The only thing he was lacking was a little *ahem female companionship. Until today, that is, when HeroBoy exploded with discovery, “I FOUND ANOTHER TORY!!!!” I cannot express his sheer, unadulterated joy.

So we put “Tiger” in the turtle run, and she immediately went to town on some chopped bananas. The poor dear was starved to death. Good thing she got a bite before Tory noticed her, because as soon as he saw that gorgeous little turtle shell with it’s marvelous stripes and fashionable spots… well. See for yourself.


“Mama! What is Tory doing?”

They’re wrestling, sweetie.

“Wow, Tory looks really happy, Mama!”

Yes, he does.

“Oh Tory is so funny! He’s trying to get a piggy-back ride! ”


“Why won’t Tory stop, Mama?”


“Whoa, why is he wiggling like that?”

Okie dokie then, time to go have a snack, kids!

As I dragged the kids away, I swear Tiger was giving me the stink eye.


PS. I’m not even sure they’re the same species, by the way. Tory looks more like a Three-toed box turtle, while Tiger looks like an Eastern Box. I just hope Tory is confident that Tiger is a girl (cause I am NOT peeking under her shell).