Hollie won the giveaway over at Musings of a Housewife! There were over 140 entries, and a Sift reader won! How do ya like that? Thanks for participating, everybody. I wish you all could have won! Oh, and I’ll be handing out cokes for those of you who helped promote this little venture– thank you so much. In addition, Hollie, you can look for a little lagniappe to come with your sling, as I promised if she selected a Sift reader.

In related news, I’ve taken extra fabric from my slings and made a few tote bags. They are TOO cute. I don’t know what to do with them, though. Sell them? I’ve given a few as gifts. This one, I just had to keep myself:




The purple lining is such a delicious color that I want to eat it. I am eager to wear it out, and may have to settle on a trip to Kroger just to go show it off.

Anyway… so, thoughts on these? I could make them in addition to the slings- they take me about the same time. But cost-wise, what would you say? They have a pocket on the inside, and a shape-holding piece in the bottom. They are basic, but well made and durable. And they cost me nothing out of pocket, as they are made from my remnants stash.