This is a beautiful video. This woman is in labor, singing the 23rd Psalm. No worries, it’s in no way graphic. If you have a moment, please watch it. It is one of the most moving, intimately spiritual glimpses into someone’s life I’ve ever seen.

What’s so amazing about this video is the visible, vivid picture of our dependence on God. The physical struggle for peace, for strength, during dreadful pain– what a metaphor. I see her striving, hear her praising God in the midst of adversity, and my soul expands. I am lifted up, joined with heavenly choirs. It is so clearly what God wants of us. That in our pain, we call out to Him, we trust Him. That despite our circumstances, the heartwrenching moments in life, we are looking to Him. No matter how it hurts, that we do not curse His name. We do not rail against Him, instead, we cling to Him, as our only hope and salvation.

That’s what I see when I watch this video.

I know it acutely, I know where she is as her body toils in the particular pain of childbirth, and I marvel at it. But pain comes in all forms. Whether it is living with the consequences of our own sins, the inevitable losses and despairs of mortality, or the strain of obedience and putting to death our carnal man, pain is pain. But whatever it is, whatever you labor with, God is God. He carries you through the pain, always. He heals and soothes, He strengthens. He is bigger than any hurt this life produces.

Again, because the world needs to know- He is bigger than any hurt this life produces.

What a testimony this woman has, what use God made of her pain. May He do likewise with mine- may He have the glory in the valleys of my life.