Yoohoo! Guess what? Next week, Musings of a Housewife, a very nifty blog, is going to be hosting a Give-Away. And what, you ask, is she giving away? Well, that would be a BohoBaby sling. Yesiree bob! So check out her site on Monday, follow her directions, and maybe she’ll pick one of you’ns! If she, by chance, chooses a Sift reader, then I’m gonna throw in something extra, because we’re buds. We’re tight like that. I really, really hope one of you guys wins!! Dolly? Jeannette? Laura? Wouldn’t that be cool? You don’t have to be pregnant to try for it though– they make nice gifts, too.

Here’s my graphic for the Give-Away– whatcha think? Don’t even ask how long it took me to figure out the watermark. It’s embarrassing.


And, also, look what a lovely satisfied customer sent me! A picture of her wearing a BohoBaby sling! My heart swelled with happiness and she became my new best friend instantly. We’re ordering the BFF necklaces and calling each other to coordinate our clothes for the next day. (Thank you for referring her to me, Brandy. Too bad I probably just spooked her away from ever speaking to me again.) Isn’t her baby cute? I want one. Okay, no. Yes. No. Yes. No. (So forth and so on.)


Anyway, that’s what’s been keeping me hopping lately. Besides a massive plumbing problem that had us sans toilets and baths since last night!! Mama mia!

Even with that, though… Isa happy.

More tomorrow on coffee dates, cinco de Mayo, box turtles, and the never ending hunt for fabric. Tune in. You don’t wanna miss that excitement.