Driving home from my inlaws, we take winding country roads for the first leg of the trip. We put down the windows, and revel in the fresh air and the sunshine as we bump along. This time of the year, Louisiana is a wild, unruly tropic. The jungle of trees and grass and bushes and briars is interrupted only by the long, manicured fields of corn and cotton. There is so much life here, lush and nearly impassable at times. It always makes me think of the effort it must have taken to civilize and cultivate this land into a livable place. Quite a formidable task!

Anyway, Louisiana becomes transformed at this time of the year into a world of green. It is a spectacle, a wonderment- that was best summed up yesterday by Czarina as we drove down a shady, cannopied road.

“Mom, do you think God’s favorite color is green?” She paused, thinking deeply before answering her own question. “I think it must be, because He used it everywhere!”

She’s got a point.