No, don’t look over here! Just listen.

*lowering voice We both know I should be doing something else right now. But we’re not gonna mention that, yeah? You don’t tell anybody I’m blogging when I shouldn’t, and I won’t rat you out for mindlessly surfing the internet when you’ve got laundry to fold and papers to file.

Mhm. Conspiracy of the procrastinators.

Okay, so just look straight ahead like you don’t even notice I’m here.

So, what’s everybody’s weekend looking like? (Oh, you didn’t think I actually had anything important to talk about, did you?) We’re headed up to the inlaws for a little relaxation in the country. (Since we’re such big city folk and all.) We are enjoying the ability to make the quick weekend trips to see family since we’ve moved closer. I am happy to see relationships deepening between the cousins, glad to spend time with everybody that isn’t squeezed into a chaotic holiday. And maybe, just maybe, we can actually renew some old friendships around this part! I may gripe about central Louisiana from time to time, but the proximity to family and friends makes it all worthwhile. (Unless I get West Nile virus. Then I reserve the right to throw a very public, very embarrassing hissy fit.)

Let’s see… what else?

I heard this story through my mother-in-law, who was here for a day visit the other day. She watched the kids for me while I took Czarina to the dentist, and was chatting with my next door neighbor, ML. ML loves my children, and often talks with them throughout the day as they play outside. Anyway, ML told my mother-in-law that she adores my kids. She said she got tickled the other day because the kids were hovering over a pile of roly-polies, chatting and laughing. When ML asked them why they thought there were so many roly-polies, HeroBoy responded enthusiastically, “We don’t know, Mrs. ML, but we think they’re having a festival!!”

Cute. Cute. Cute.

And I wanna go. Don’t you know the Roly Poly Festival has to be the most happening event in bug world? Can you envision it? Can you see the roly-polies riding the grass blade ferris wheel? Eating seeds-on-a-stick?

I’m thinking about this too much.

I suppose I can’t justify a rambling post about rolie-polies any longer when there are suitcases to pack. -sigh-

Okay, off with ye. Back to work, friendsters. Roll it on outta here. And do not, repeat, DO NOT, tell anybody I have been blogging today.