Well, I’m up, gulping down the coffee, ready for a brand new, sick-free, fantabulous week! (As a warning, I’ve gulped down A LOT of coffee, and I may have issues with exclamation points in the post. I’ll try to restrain myself.)

I have SO MUCH to do. The house, well, I can’t even bring myself to go into detail. I’ll just say, it may be less work to just move at this point! I think we may have a 5th child hidden somewhere under the mountains of laundry. And, the legos… oh my. They’re multiplying faster than bunnies, and I suspect they have been strategically placed for my bare foot.

But it’s not just the house, oh no. We missed a week of school, too. Gruh!

And I really wanted BohoBaby to be up today, but I don’t see how I can get to it with all this other stuff!

However, this is not a freak out post. I’ve got my egg timer, and my plan is to go from room to room for fifteen minutes until I just drop dead. And then I’ll do it again tomorrow, and hopefully, I’ll have put a decent dent in this thing. THEN, I can concentrate on the extra curriculars.

I did get to go running yesterday afternoon. It was great! Haven’t been in ages, and it was lovely. So if I get all my WORK done this week, then I can PLAY a little, too. WonderGirl needs to play. I could run again, sew a bit, work on a story, and start reading Tom Jones. Hey, crazier things have happened!

Whatever happens though, it’s got to be better than last week, so I am pumped! (and caffeinated, but never you mind)

Okay, I guess this stuff won’t do itself, so I’m off. Have a happy morning, folks!