Okay, I’m trying to love this veggie soup I’m eating for lunch, but it is NOT HAPPENING. It’s gross! Blech! Maybe that’s the key to weight loss. If it’s gross, you’ll eat only enough to stave off the hunger pains. Not that I’m trying to lose weight, exactly. Just avoiding the burgers and fries in anticipation of Ye Old Swimsuit Season. Blasted bikinis.

Speaking of eating and all that, I’ve been tossing around the idea of another experiment. Remember the No Shampoo thing? Good times. (I am washing my hair now, by the way.) Anyway, I’m thinking of a Meatless Month. Not because I have a moral dilemna about eating animals, no sirree. I’m a card-carrying carnivore, and I won’t apologize for it. I’m just curious, really, about how living vegetarian would affect my mental and physical state. (And, yeah, blog material. I won’t lie.) Maybe I would like veggie soup more by the end, too.

Calm down, King Pen. Put the divorce papers away. You still get your cows and pigs and chickens. I won’t subject my family to a life without meat. (Which may be a contributing factor to the strained mental challenge. Cooking, but not eating? Yikes!)

Anyway, this idea scares me more than the no shampoo thing. It would be a REAL test of willpower to get through! I lika da meata.

Would I not get animal products, either? I don’t know if I could go a month without cheese. That’s just inhumane.

Okay, I’m gonna think on this one. Anybody want to do it with me? You know what they say… misery loves company.