So, I have a few minutes, before the world realizes it. The kids are playing outside, the kitchen floor is drying, and Chipmunk is snoozing. A rare, unfilled pocket in the day!

*twiddling thumbs

I, uh.


I don’t even know what to do with that, anymore! I could, of course, be sewing. My self-imposed sabbatical has gone on long enough, probably. I was stressing about BohoBaby, so I took a break. I want it to be fun, and it wasn’t. But I think I’m ready to jump back in. People are starting to inquire, and everything else in my life seems to be balanced again, so it seems like a good time.


I could do a few of the other extras on my To Do list. Like picking up pine cones and sticks so King Pen can mow the grass. Wouldn’t that be nice of me? He wouldn’t even expect it. (Unless, of course, he reads this, or you tell him, you big blabbermouth.)


I could write that letter to Amy V. I’ve been meaning to, so I could mail the package she’s been waiting on for literally MONTHS.


I could burn my jogging mix to my mp3 player so I can be ready for a quick one this afternoon.


I could get a jumpstart on supper.


Read another chapter in The Outlanders, which is just as good as everybody says, except I’ll add that there seems to be a lot of *ahem* jostling about in in the bushes, if you ken what I’m saying. (I’m not saying whether that moves it up or down on the list. Haha)

So, you see, there are lots of possibilities. Maybe I should create a poll, and let you decide. Reader interraction and all that. I’ll put that on the list, “Make a poll.”


Okay, I’m out, before the world remembers I’m over here, doing nothing. Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of “Killing Time”. I’m sure you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat till then.