How cute are they? That’s who I want to be in 40 years, even the matching outfits. And I could be, God willing, because I am married to a funny man. It was one of the reasons I was initially attracted to him, that easy laugh, the twinkle of humor in his eyes. (Not to mention his winning smile, killer dance moves, and the truck. But back to the topic…) I am drawn to people who are lighthearted, but serious minded. He is the perfect combination of those things.

But you don’t want to read my love-letter to my husband do you? Boundaries, people. Ha.


This is about being the wife of a funny man. A how-to guide, if you will. If I leave something out, please do add! We’ve got to pool our resources here, dears. Circle of sisterhood and all that.

And now, the list.

1. You don’t always get to choose what he finds funny, specifically, YOURSELF. You will amuse him more often than you think (or probably even more than you’re aware of). This is a very nice way of saying, be prepared to be the butt of his jokes. As long as his jokes aren’t ABOUT my butt, I’ve learned to accept my lot in life. To be honest, I give him plenty of material, and I can’t blame the guy.

2. You’re a captive audience, so you might as well give over and laugh along with him. Let him regale you with as much funny as he wants, because my sister, you probably need it. After you’ve spent all day in the real world (whether it’s changing poopy diapers or filing the umpteenth paper), you need to RE-LAX. Nothing loosens muscles and soothes a weary body like a good chuckle. You know it’s true. Don’t fight it. Don’t let your bad mood cause a joke to fall flat- when it’s the very thing that will chase away that late day grumpiness. (Or is that just me?) Besides which, it’s not just about something YOU need. He needs it, too! Listening, enjoying him, is a way to nurture who he is. You’re giving him a gift, too- you give him someone to share the humor in life with. You are the one he wants to make laugh. Let him.

3. Let his humor infect you. Be funny! The temptation of the funny man’s wife is to let him do all the hardwork, all the entertaining. I know, because I certainly find myself riding his coattails if I’m not careful. But if you married a funny man, then there is humor in you, too. We seek out compatibility in our mates- like to like. You may not nurture it much, but it’s right there under your skin. Humor takes risk- maybe somebody else won’t think your joke is funny, maybe you’ll tell it wrong, maybe you don’t want all eyes on you. Be brave! Causing someone to laugh, even if it’s at your utter corniness, is delightful. Don’t get lazy because your man does all the heavy lifting. And who better to appreciate a funny woman than a funny man? He’ll love it. And he’ll love YOU for trying. Step out. Crack a joke. See what happens.

4. Lastly, (and don’t you know it’s bothering me that I couldn’t end it on #5? Me and my OCD) thank God for bringing this blessing into your life. Laughter is the sweetest expression of joy we have. It battles sadness, stress, even poor health! It makes even the worst moments endurable. Poor as dirt? Laugh. You’ll be richer for it. Gobble it up, be a glutton. It’s more filling than the best laid table. Depressed? Let laughter penetrate that haze, let it in, even though you don’t want to. Depression thrives in isolation, desolation. Laughter is it’s archenemy. Each small smile, tiny chuckle, is a blow against depression. Grieving? What soothes us more than laughter in the midst of grief, what gives us a moment of respite from our loss? Steel Magnolias, anybody? Laughter carries us through, gives us wings. Not to get overly-poetic, but I can’t think of a better description. So thank God. Seriously. You are a lucky woman. God has given you a lifelong source of amusement, a steady supply of joy and laughter. He chose you to be a Funny Man’s Wife, and you are blessed beyond measure for it.

Well, that’s my how-to guide, what I’ve learned along the way. Aside from a lifetime’s worth of Three Stooges trivia and W.C. Field’s quotes. Ah, tis a good life.

Next post: The “Why Would I Stop and Ask Directions When I’m Not Lost” Man’s Wife.

(See, I can be funny.)