Okay, I’m still Spring cleaning guys. But, I just wanted to report very briefly, of my shopping yesterday. Not so much about the savings (I saved $85 though–yeah baby!) but what was on my list.

I had 8 items on my “needs” list. This was eight things that I absolutely had to buy to make it through the week. WOW. I had to buy only eight things at full price, because I had everything else I could possibly need at home. This was an electrifying realization. Oh, the joy of domestic engineering! I was so happy, knowing I’ve gotten things for the very best prices, saved the absolute most amount of money I could. That’s money in our pockets, y’all. That’s Christmas presents. Gas money. Flip-flops. Date nights!!

Now, I bought a bunch more stuff, but it was all for stockpiling purposes. I was able to spend the entire rest of my budget on items that were priced at rockbottom prices, so I got a TON. My needs list has shrunk, and my stockpiled items GREW!

One last tip— in the Walgreens circular that came in the Sunday paper (also found at the front of the store as you walk in), there is a coupon for Coca-Cola. It’s 5/$11- the 12packs. That’s an AWESOME price. However, our Walgreens doesn’t carry the type of Coca-cola products I like, so I took that coupon to Kroger and used it. It IS a manufacturer’s coupon, which is kind of rare in a Walgreens paper, but there ya have it. You can redeem that anywhere, so GO GET IT!! You can’t beat that price.

That’s it. I’m back to Spring cleaning now.

Keep me updated on your Grocery Gaming!!