Hullo my little dumplings!

(Oh, come on. You know you like to be called that sometimes.)

So what’s on the agenda today? Any special plans this fine Wednesday? I can’t believe it’s the middle of the week already. The days just FLY by lately! We’re still majorly off-kilter with the time change on Sunday, just can’t seem to get on schedule! It’s driving me crazy.

I finished The Sunne in Splendor, all 900+ pages, and it was fantastic. I was SO relieved to be done with it, though. Medieval phrases were starting to work their way into my daily conversation. I almost wished King Pen “Godspeed” when he left on an errand the other day. And I’ll admit I told Chipmunk, “You be stinky, lad. Let Ma Mere change you!” (I figured I could try some 15th century colliquol phrases with him, since he speaks little English as it is.) I was eating, breathing, speaking, and wearing, Richard III. It was good though- I highly recommend Sharon Kay Penman. She’s an excellent historian/writer. I simply cannot fathom what it took to write this book. It blows my mind.

Okay, well, I realize this isn’t much of a post, but I really need to go get some things done. (Things sorely neglected since I picked up that durn book!) I’ll write later.