Okay, you’re all probably sick unto death of hearing me laud the praises of the Grocery Game. I get that. And yet,


My poor husband, he knows more about grocery bargains than he ever wanted to. He knows the sales trends, marketing techniques, and the beautiful marriage of sales items and coupons. I have stretched the boundaries of his attention, I know it, and it doesn’t even slow me down. Poor, poor man. Give him a hug next time you see him, because he’s earned it.

But Y’ALL!! I saved a gross amount of money last night. I mean, I’m embarassed to even tell you. I think I might have actually STOLEN some stuff. Kidding. But my shopping has gotten outrageous. And I’m gonna prove it, by posting my receipt for Walgreens. It’s not long, so don’t run away. After this, I swear, I’ll try to cut down on the Grocery Game talk. I know it’s alienating my male readers (all two of them- Dad, Joey), and it’s driving Amy B. into jealous rages. So I’ll cool out.

Okay. First I’ll list all the items I bought:

2 boxes Cheerios
2 boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch
4 cans VanKamps beans
2 bags Chexmix
6 cans Hunts tomato suce
3 pairs of latex cleaning gloves
3 large boxes Puffs tissue
1 package paper plates
4 Tufs papertowels
2 bottles Windex antibacterial cleaner
2 OralB crossaction toothbrushes
1 Colgate advanced toothpaste

Still with me? Can you visualize all that stuff? Now let me tell you how much I spent.

Total before coupons/savings: $43

Total after: $24

AND get this– after a rebate for the toothpaste, it’ll be free, PLUS since I had a coupon for it, I’ll actually MAKE .75 off of it. I was paid to take this item home.
So, essentially, my bill was really $20.

Look back up at all I got, all for $20. Wowza.

I’ll spare you my Kroger bill, which is a bit more complicated, but awesome, too. I saved $60 there.

I feel compelled to say that my grocery budget has not changed yet- I have willingly chosen to keep spending as much as I was pre-GG, for a few weeks anyway, so that I could buy more items on sale. I have so much stuff in my pantry, freezer, bathroom, that I am just amazed! I am really excited to start spending less each week, but for the moment, having all the excess is what matters. I think next week will be a drastic dip for me in spending though, because I’m just getting close to not needing a lot! For instance, I only bought 2 packages of meat this week because it was insanely cheap. I didn’t need it, because I’d already stockpiled it. No bread either. But I did get Pamper’s Easy Ups, jumbo packs for $6 a pop. I bought 3 of those, because they are regularly $13. What normally would have cost me nearly $40 (if I’d waited and bought it full price when I needed it) only cost me around $18.

Okay, I’m done. I could just keep going, but we’ve all got better things to do this morning, right?

So I’ll let you go about your day, while I sit here and calculate more ways to save.

Somebody, help!