So here’s my mannequin, sporting the Moxie sling, by BohoBaby. (oh, don’t I sound all businessy?)

She’s headless, armless, and babyless actually, but don’t be too hard on her. She’s working hard for the money. (So ya better treat her right.)

-Okay, no more drinking in the morning.-

Anyway, whatcha think? Is this photo website worthy? Would you feel confident purchasing this product based on the quality of the photo? Each sling will be photographed this way, as well as an upclose shot for the detail like this-

I’m nervous, y’all. Okay, that’s putting it mildy. I’m a little bit freaking out about this whole thing. I won’t go into the whys, but the closer I get to being officially open for business, the more I find myself thinking about the bliss of xanax. Or valium. Or tylenol pm.


I guess every venture poses the threat of failure, but you just have to hold your breath and jump in sometimes.


Um, somebody?