Oh, sweet Friday. I could kiss you. (If you had lips, weren’t a day of the week, and I was that kind of girl.)

So how’s everybody this morning? Making it okay? Are you as glad for the wekeend as I am? This has been one busy week for me- not bad, just FULL. I’m loving that tomorrow is Saturday, and I have nothing on the agenda. Just an easy, at-home kind of day. It might even be a do-nut morning. Oh yeah!

I’ve got the urge to ramble. I’m gonna go with that for a minute.

I got my sewing machine back this week, hallelujah! It’s working great. I’ve sewn a few more slings. I’ve slowly and steadily built up my stock, and I’m chomping at the bits to get my store up and running! It’s nearly ready- just have to put the finishing touches on the brochure and get my business cards. There are actually some other ‘behind-the-scenes’ kind of details to finish up, too, but I’m getting to them. It takes me about three times as long to do things around here, because I’m chasing after four kids, homeschooling two, and just maintaining the household. That’s a lot. It’s a challenge for me to be patient with the time frame on things, because I’m a bit impulsive. When I want to do something, I want to do it RIGHT NOW, and that just doesn’t work all the time.

That isn’t always a bad thing though. Sometimes, if a little time passes, what seemed like a very good idea at the moment, doesn’t later. So I avoid the pitfalls of being impulsive on occasion. This has saved me from many a tragic haircut in recent years.

Okay, rambling on…

Lost last night– anyone? Wasn’t it fantastic? I finally feel like a few questions were answered! And did you catch the shadow of a city at the very end, on the Lost island logo? Have I been missing that all along or something? I hadn’t noticed it before, but there were some very distinct shapes there, that made it look like some ancient civilization. Atlantis? I’ll have to go check out Lostpedia on this one. Anyway, very satisfying episode.

Well, that’s enough rambling for the moment. I can only stay in my pjs so long, and leftover minipecan pies are calling my name. Hope you have a lovely weekend, and I’ll post later if I’m not too busy taking it easy!