Ya know, I think I started this meme. Seriously! I’ve seen it a few other places since I did it, but maybe we just have a collective genius, I don’t know. Anyway, here’s where I did it, and here, and here, and here, and kinda here.

‘Bout time for another.

Today’s ING:

Reading: The Sunne in Splendor.
Drinking: Sweet tea.
Listening: Someone Like You, Safetysuit.
Feeling: A bit lazy.
Watching: Reruns of The Office.
Snacking: Olives.
Humming: Bluegrass.
Wearing: Jeans and an Ocoee river tshirt.
Cooking: Homemade pizza.
Paying: for fabric.
Dreaming: of sleeping in.
Smelling: a rasberry candle.
Loving: my life.
Anticipating: a mac computer!